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As a business, how do you connect with your customers? The old school way where your prospects have to fill out a form, and wait for your response? Or do you prefer to engage them with targeted messaging, and have real time conversations?

The latter guarantees you the fastest way to move your buyers through your marketing and sales funnels, build relationships, and create authentic experiences.

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This is exactly what Drift has to offer. You can talk to the people visiting your site in real-time, which is a great way to generate more leads. And you can also talk to the people who are using your product, and provide them assistance when they need, thus driving product adoption and engagement.

How Drift Aids Your Business

Marketing Teams

Today’s best marketers use Drift to drive their revenue. Here’s how:

  • Real-time Engagement - Drift makes it easy for you to connect with people visiting your site so you can answer their questions in real-time, and hence convert and close more deals.
  • Playbooks - Drift’s playbooks are pre-packaged templates designed to meet your marketing goals. For any visitor that comes to your website, Drift uses LeadBot to capture their contact information, qualify the lead for you based on the questions that matter to your business, and schedule a meeting – all in seconds.
  • Drift Assistants - Drift Assistants help marketers by taking care of the repetitive tasks like tracking and managing email replies, or keeping contact information up to date, thus freeing up your time to focus on demand generation.
  • Revenue Reporting - This enables your team to analyze what influenced their sale: a marketing campaign or a sales call? As a marketer, you can now talk about how you’ve have influenced revenue, how many dollars you’ve generated, instead of leads!

    Drift - Reporting

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  • Integrations - Drift can fit into your marketing workflows in endless ways. It can easily integrate with the rest of your stack, and improve the way you work by using conversational marketing .

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Sales Teams

Using Drift for sales teams can help you:

Drift benefit for sales teams

You finally get to deliver a personalized experience to prospects at scale. You get everything you need to capture and convert high-quality leads without all the development work that slows things down. Here’s how:

  • Automated Sales Funnel - Drift sales automation software can help you deliver personalized messages on your website when prospects click through your emails. And thus have your prospects advance through your sales funnel in real-time. Further, with the help of the Drift chatbot, you can:
    - answer common queries in real-time
    - route qualified leads to the right sales reps
    - help the lead book a meeting if the sales rep is unavailable
  • Smart Alerts - Drift uses data enrichment to identify your important ABM targets and alert you as soon as they’re live on your website. You can also get alerts as soon as prospects open or click an email, so you can jump in and engage in real time.
  • Drift Assistants - Drift Assistants for sales give reps everything they need to deliver a personalized experience, including context for every meeting and notifications for follow-ups, so you can have better conversations with potential customers.

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Account Based Marketing

Drift’s ABM software helps you start conversations in real-time with your highest-valued accounts, by instantly notifying your sales reps the moment they visit your website.

Take a look at how it works:

Drift bot workflow

In addition to this, Drift ABM offers the following benefits:

  • You can get a full company profile information the moment a lead lands on your site.
  • Drift Company & Enterprise customers can see a new Accounts dashboard in their Drift, where you manage your target accounts. Sync accounts with Salesforce or add them manually, and Drift will keep track of designated account owners and route them appropriately.
  • You can know exactly how your ABM efforts affect your win rate. Drift ABM enables reporting for every account that visits your website, every conversation that occurs with a VIP account, every meeting booked, and every opportunity won.
  • Anyone visiting your website can have a direct line to their sales rep.

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Why work with Grow Digitally for Drift?

You are aware of what benefits Drift has in store for you, but how do you avail them? How do you know which features to use, and whether they suit your business requirements?

Precisely why Drift has Partner agencies which can help in the implementation or onboarding procedure. To help you figure out the best ways to implement/onboard Drift, Grow Digitally is here to help.

At Grow Digitally, we can review your business goals and objectives and help you decide which plan to use, how to onboard, which tech stack to integrate for best outcomes, etcetera. Here’s how:

Account Setup

This involves setting up your account information, setting up your contacts, email domain, chatbot, social media profiles and link your analytics tools.


We help you identify how to fit Drift in your stack, which all software to integrate with. For example, we help integrate with Salesforce, and HubSpot CRM to ensure data and contact information is available. Using this, Drift can initiate conversations with your prospects

Setting  Up Workflow

How does your Drift chatbot initiate a personalised conversation? What is the sales process to follow? We help you figure out the same by aligning your marketing and sales goals, and figuring out your business requirements. We help set up processes to ensure coordination, alignment, and feedback between the two teams.

Analysing Reports

We also help you analyse and understand your reporting, and figure out ways to convert more leads by consulting your marketing and sales teams for the same.

Ready to leverage Drift?

If you’re exploring how Drift can drive your business, or already have Drift but look for an implementation partner, let’s chat! Book a 30 minute slot, can let see how Grow Digitally can help.

  • Create intelligent conversational workflows to engage, qualify and nurture your leads
  • Get automated sales funnels, notifications and alerts to aid your sales team
  • Integrate Drift within your current strategy and existing tech stack to get more out of your marketing efforts