Inbound Growth Marketing

Kick your marketing into top gear with an agile approach to ‘Growth Marketing’.


Agile Inbound Growth Marketing

As a Marketing/Sales professional or a Business Leader looking to grow your business, are you often in the search for what is the most effective approach that will get you more sales qualified leads?

Your team focuses on website traffic, cold calling, SEO, events, paid advertisements, remarketing and landing pages, email marketing, considering them as the stepping stones to your success. But it doesn’t get you the growth that you aspire to. Capturing attention and converting clients is harder than ever before . Do you feel trapped in the middle of a battlefield, like there is no way to win?

But there is!  Grow Digitally - Inbound Marketing agency with the The Agile Growth Marketing Program !

Unlike singular tactics like SEO, Ads, email marketing and landing pages, which render ineffective in getting you the sales qualified leads, the agile growth marketing strategy is backed by modern inbound marketing methodology and cutting edge marketing and sales technology. It uses data driven insights, inbound methodology, iterative growth acceleration, world class design and award-winning strategy to help you win.

The growth marketing program uses an inbound marketing strategy .

What is Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Inbound marketing is a buyer persona-driven strategy, designed to attract, convert, close and delight best-fit clients via relevant, targeted, helpful content and engagement through multiple channels. Working at every stage of the funnel, inbound marketing and sales campaigns result in more qualified leads and clear Return on Investment.

What is the Growth Marketing Program from Grow Digitally?

The Growth Marketing Program, is a specialised and comprehensive growth program, using inbound marketing strategy - focused on B2B, Technology, SAAS and Software companies like no other in the market.

Typical Agile Growth Marketing Outcomes

  • Growing organic website traffic
  • Converting more prospects into leads, more Leads
  • Nurturing leads into Sales Ready Leads
  • Qualifies leads automatically in a hands off manner
  • Growing brand recognition and market penetration
  • Creating efficient marketing systems
  • Reaching new channels for customer acquisition
  • Increasing customer share of wallet
  • Increasing lifetime customer value
  • Reducing cost per lead

The BullsEye Growth Marketing Delivery Process

At Grow Digitally, we use an agile process to release growth marketing program in cycles, called the BullsEye Growth Delivery process. Through this process, we have the flexibility to implement, measure and iterate the agile growth program on an ongoing basis; responding to audience insights and honing in on the best-performing channels.

It consists of two phases:

1. The Accelerated Launch : First 90 days

The first phase is of 90 days, in which we lay down the methodology or steps to follow in the process. This is vital for the success of the program. It has five main steps:

2. BullsEye Growth Acceleration Cycles: After 90 days

The second phase is when we zoom into the Growth Acceleration cycles. Every cycle has an objective to achieve, and there is hypothesis and testing involved that keeps getting results.

Each cycle is executed on the basis of its pre-defined strategy, and the duration is either 90 days, 45 days or 30 days (based on the agreed scope). More cycles = higher growth velocity.

The execution of each cycle comprises of five main steps:

1. Strategy Extension

We take a deep dive into your buyer personas, your competitors and your areas of opportunity in order to design an inbound strategy for your business. Together, we frame the goals that you intend to achieve.

2. Scoping

The scope of the growth acceleration cycle is determined in terms of content, landing page, follow-ups, actions and analysis. This ensures that the cycle is delivered within good time and is appropriately planned.

3. Campaign Build and Launch

The stage where all the strategies are brought to life. Be it an interactive online experience, an animated product video or a lead generating white-paper or eBook, our team works with yours to ensure precision and guarantee great work.

4. Campaign Analysis

An ongoing analysis of the performance of your marketing initiatives is conducted using some of the best technology in the business. This ensures that we keep coming up with better ways to get you the outcome.

5. Recommend and Improve

These insights are then used to make data-driven improvements that ultimately help grow the bottom line of your business.

What Will be Included - The Agile Growth Marketing Program

As a part of the Agile Growth Marketing Program, we offer you a range of marketing programs that cater to most levels of investment. Compared to the cost of hiring one in-house marketing professional, these programs allow you to get more value from your marketing budget.

The program includes:

Growth Acceleration Cycles icon

30/45/90-Day Growth Acceleration Cycles

Your quarterly roadmap to growth, this 30/45/90-day growth acceleration cycles (based on strategy) is constantly analysed and optimised to maximise your results based on the program and scope under strategy agreed.

Marketing Strategists

Marketing Strategists

A team of bright-spark digital strategists with extensive experience in growing businesses like yours.

 Implementation Team

Implementation Team

Expert Inbound Marketers, Copywriters, Designers and Developers all working for you.


Monthly Reporting

A monthly review of the past month’s marketing performance, conducted by phone or video conference with screen-share.

Fortnightly Calls icon

Fortnightly Calls

15-30 minute catch-ups to report on performance and uncover new opportunities.

Open Access

Open Access

You can easily access your strategy, delivery, and results, whenever you need them. Your always-open Inbound Marketing Master File is your transparent view into our ongoing activities.

Tools Used

There are a number of MarTech tools used in this program. They key ones are below:

Marketing Suite: HubSpot Professional or Enterprise (preferred) for marketing automation, Inbound Marketing Strategy implementation tool-set and marketing and sales alignment
CRM Tool: HubSpot CRM (preferred) for client interaction management and contact management - getting a single view of everything happening around your prospects, leads and clients
Project Management Tool to collaborate on program, tracking and managing project delivery
Analytics and Insights: Databox (preferred) for shareable, real-time performance metrics and insights
Content Tools to develop content - be it graphics, text, audio or video


What can agile growth marketing do for my business?

Agile growth marketing will help you attract new leads on your product/service, and close more clients and deals. It will also help build your brand and establish trust within your industry, which will help you retain clients, and in turn, close new ones.

What is the expected ROI from agile growth marketing program?

Agile growth marketing helps you increase traffic, get more qualified leads, and have a higher lead-to-customer conversion percentage. Company specific ROI of Inbound is dependent on key benchmark data being established upfront (i.e. length of average sales cycle, more activations, lower churn, average revenue per new customer, etc.). We will estimate the expected ROI of your program upfront and work closely with you to achieve that! Growth bound!

What process do you follow to write content for us?

Our team performs a series of Subject Matter Expert interviews along with a detailed analysis of your competitors. In addition, we conduct internal research and industry analysis to get up to speed quickly.

How long are your agreement terms?

As your Inbound Marketing Agency, we partner for long term and invest in you. We would love to have you do the same thing. Our agreement terms are flexible and minimises risk for our clients. Generally the term is 12 months, however we have an easy exit agreement for you - meaning you can exit anytime by giving us just 30 days notice period.  We believe that this holds our team accountable to staying aggressive in achieving your results.

Are you an expert in ‘everything’ or do you get external experts?

If a company says that they are experts in 'everything', they are not telling you the truth! We bring the best possible B2B Inbound Marketing expertise from around the world depending on the requirement to get you the best possible outcome!

How much time would I need to dedicate to our partnership?

We estimate about 6-8 hours per month. This includes weekly meetings and review / collaboration on work.

How long before I will start seeing results?

It varies. At a high level, about 90-120 days depending on your existing efforts. We determine quick win opportunities and things that we can capitalise on immediately.

How do we communicate during the program?

On fortnightly calls, we discuss prior and upcoming efforts. Monthly snapshot reviews of your key metrics are also available on an online dashboard that you can access any time.

How quickly can we get started?

Our standard onboarding process is 7-10 business days, however this can be expedited based on your needs.

If we aren’t looking for long term support, can you help us train new internal team members?

Absolutely. Along with this 'Done for you' service of Growth Marketing, we also have alternative route of training and coaching for your team.

How do we keep sales and marketing aligned with an augmented marketing team such as in this program?

By keeping your sales team in tune with our efforts, participating in some of our weekly calls, and understanding how your sales process maps to a growth and inbound marketing strategy are all key factors.

What industries do you specialize in?

Companies we work with most frequently are in the B2B SaaS, Cloud, IT, Consulting and Professional Services industries. That said, our approach can be tailored to alternative spaces and industries including education, retail and financial services.

Do we have to get HubSpot?

We strongly recommend having HubSpot. We are proud Hubspot partners and we believe that HubSpot as a comprehensive and sophisticated marketing, sales and service platform would help generate significant ROI for you and facilitate this program. Our expertise lies in HubSpot Inbound Marketing, however, we do work with a range of tools.

Inbound Marketing Campaign Toolkit

Take charge of your inbound campaigns with our campaign planning toolkit. From your content offer to supporting blog posts, SEO, email nurturing, and lead scoring, the toolkit got a template for all your needs.

Inbound marketing campaign toolkit

Inbound Growth Marketing with Grow Digitally

Explore how our agile growth marketing program can help take your inbound growth marketing to the top gear. Book a time using the calendar below.

  • Identify opportunities and gaps  with your growth marketing and sales strategies
  • Find out what is required to get the target ROI from your digital channels
  • Get 'quick-win' strategies to gain value and see rapid results