Marketing, Sales, Customer Service - Whether you need one or all three, HubSpot gives you the best there is!


Why HubSpot is important

When it comes to inbound growth marketing , there’s nothing on the market that tops HubSpot. Even for account based marketing, HubSpot can be a top choice! It’s your one-stop marketing platform that gives you all the tools you need to grow your business, right and fast. From marketing, to sales, to customer service, the HubSpot ecosystem ensures that you have everything you need for a complete marketing stack. The platform also gives you a wide range of integrations with other marketing tools so you can keep leveraging new functionalities while still having a single view of all your data and processes.

The HubSpot platform of tools is equipped with a range of features and functionalities designed to seamlessly execute your inbound strategy. And while you can use each tool independently, based on your needs, together they are unstoppable.

What you get with HubSpot

Marketing Hub

From attracting new leads, to nurturing, to finally converting, the Marketing Hub has everything you need to launch, manage and measure effective marketing campaigns.

  • Attract more leads with blogging, SEO, social media and ads tools. You can also build you entire site on the HubSpot CMS, giving your marketing teams the ability to constantly optimize it, without waiting around for the IT team to deliver.
  • Improve your conversion rates with well-designed emails, landing pages, lead management features, intelligent forms and CTAs, and reporting and analytics.
  • Make sure that you are always in touch with your prospects and customers, with automated workflows and live chat.

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HubSpot Marketing Hub : Key Tools

Marketing Hub : Key Tools - Source : HubSpot

Sales Hub

Empower your sales teams to close more deals. HubSpot’s Sales Hub gives you a set of tools to gain deeper insights into your prospects, to ensure you target them effectively. Your team can also get more work done, once they automate all the tedious, repetitive tasks.

  • Know your leads better with email tracking, inbox profiles and more
  • Manage your sales activities with email and call tracking, and easy-to-edit email templates
  • Close more deals with easy-to-create playbooks for your sales team, conversational chatbots, and shareable meeting calendars
  • Have complete visibility into your entire sales pipeline, and individual account status with a rich pipeline management feature

HubSpot Sales Hub : Key Tools

Sales Hub : Key Tools - Source : HubSpot

HubSpot CRM

Ditch the messy spreadsheets, with a 100% free CRM. Store data on up to 1,000,000 contacts, without any expiry, and get complete visibility into every action they make.

  • Get a visual dashboard of your entire pipeline, sorted along customisable parameters like deal stage, deal value etc
  • Have all information about each contact in a single place, with automatic logging of every email read, every page visited, CTA clicked, form filled and more
  • Chat with your customers and prospects in real time, with live chat, emails, and calls from within the CRM

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HubSpot CRM : Key Tools

HubSpot CRM : Key Tools - Source : HubSpot

Service Hub

Streamline your customer service with the HubSpot Service Hub. This is a critical element of how you continuously create value for your customers, and cement the relationship. You simply cannot afford sloppy customer service, and that’s where Service Hub steps in.

  • Give your customers all the channels to quickly solve their problems. Create a comprehensive, easy-to-search knowledge base, and have help available on live chat
  • Organise your customer service tasks with an intelligent HelpDesk, that logs and prioritises all support tickets, while giving you a complete view of the issue, with all activities logged in the CRM
  • Accessible customer feedback channels to help you constantly improve your service offerings

HUbSpot Service Hub : Key Tools

Service Hub : Key Tools - Source : HubSpot

The Free CRM, Marketing, Sales & Service Software!

Many companies believe in ‘try before you buy’. Lots of startups and small organisations like to start with something quickly, and then scale up the tech-stack as they scale up themselves.

HubSpot is the only premium CRM/Sales and Marketing Suite that allows you to do  exactly that! You do not need to compromise on quality software to support your marketing & sales ambitions.

With the brand new Free CRM and Marketing Tool, you’ll have the best of HubSpot, at zero cost.

  • The free CRM gives you a single database to view all contacts and their activities
  • Increase conversions with easy-to-add forms and pop-ups on the site, or run ads to generate more leads
  • Nurture your leads with personalised emails created on drag-and-drop editors
  • Manage and measure all your campaign results with in-depth analytics features
  • Start collecting leads using ChatBots and live chat on your website
  • Ensure your client success and service using the free Service Tools

"Explore the Free Tools


  • Contact management
  • Contact website activity
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Tasks & activities

FREE Marketing Tools

  • All features of HubSpot CRM
  • Forms
  • Pop-up forms
  • Email marketing
  • Ad management

FREE Sales Tools

  • All features of HubSpot CRM
  • Live chat
  • Conversational bots
  • Team email
  • Conversations inbox

FREE Service Tools

  • All features of HubSpot CRM
  • Ticketing
  • Live chat
  • Conversations inbox
  • Calling

Why Use HubSpot with Grow Digitally?

A tool is only as good as you use it. And you cannot get the best out of HubSpot unless you set it up right.

HubSpot refers most customers to partner agencies that can help them set up and implement the platform for their business. Grow Digitally is one of the premiere HubSpot partners in Australia, helping businesses easily purchase and implement the HubSpot platform.

We can review your business goals and objectives and help you decide exactly which HubSpot tools are the right fit for you. Given your marketing goals and budgets, it may be some of the tools or all of them. But whatever your chosen HubSpot stack, GrowDigitally can help with:

Account Setup

This involves setting up your account information with team invites, location, timezones etc. We also  set up your contacts, email domain, social media profiles and link your analytics tools.

CRM Setup

We help import all your existing data into HubSpot CRM, set up custom deal stages, prospecting lists, custom contact properties and more.

Marketing/Sales Hub Setup

Get the Marketing and/or Sales Hub up and running, with personas, lead scoring, deals, and basic report setup. We can help crease necessary forms, workflows, lists etc to ensure you're leveraging HubSpot to its full potential.

Service Hub Setup

Get your knowledge base and customer service chatbots set up on HubSpot. We can also help to migrate your knowledge base from other platforms into HubSpot and manage it thereafter.


Ensure that HubSpot can work seamlessly with other tools in your marketing stack. We help identify and integrate the right tools with HubSpot, based on your marketing goals.

Campaign Launch

We can help launch your first campaign on HubSpot - starting from defining your campaign goals, to creating content on HubSpot, to setting up the entire campaign workflow with ads, emails, landing pages, and tracking.

Marketing & Sales Handoff

We understand your sales process to map out how leads are handed over from marketing to sales teams. We help set up processes to ensure coordination, alignment, and feedback between the two teams.


Empower your teams to take over and leverage HubSpot. We can onboard and train your teams to effectively use the tool, over a series of hands-on sessions.

Already using HubSpot? We can make it better!

If you are already using HubSpot, we are here to help you optimise your operations. With a team that has in-depth expertise with the platform, we can ensure that you leverage HubSpot to its full potential and extract the maximum ROI for your business. From crafting effective emails and landing pages, to designing nurturing workflows and forms that convert, we follow industry standard processes and best practices to keep everything organised, optimised and efficient. We also spot opportunities to push the boundaries of what’s possible with HubSpot and new emerging integrations, and quickly capitalise on those.

In essence, we make sure your HubSpot implementation runs like a well-oiled machine that brings in the results.

Ready to get the best out of HubSpot?

If you’re exploring how HubSpot can drive your business, or already have HubSpot and are looking to optimise and accelerate, let’s have a chat! Book a 30 minute slot and we will discuss how we can help achieve your objectives.

  • Identify the best combination of HubSpot solutions for you business
  • Set up your HubSpot implementation with the right processes and practices in place
  • Optimise your existing HubSpot implementation to ensure its delivering to its full potential
  • Identify and capitalise on new HubSpot features and integrations to drive your business growth