Marketing Automation

Automate and optimise your marketing funnel. Make your marketing & sales teams more effective with automation doing the heavy lifting!


The Need For Marketing Automation

Between charting your business growth roadmap, generating new leads, and nurturing existing leads or targeting multiple contacts in future clients, does your team feel like it’s stretched too thin? Did you miss sending a follow-up email to a lead or a client simply because there were ten other things to be done on the same day?

If that sounds familiar, you need Marketing Automation!

Marketing Automation allows you to focus on your core business activities, building your growth strategy, rather than ensuring repetitive processes. A marketing automation platform can streamline and seamlessly run diverse workflows lead generation, nurturing, result tracking, customer interactions and more.


Consider this example where you send blasts of emails to all your prospects, vs where you send a series of targeted emails to interested parties or targeted future clients. Which do you think will be more effective, and gain you more trust and leads?

Marketing Automation vs. traditional marketing

Marketing automation for sure! It can help you target the right number of contacts, with the right information, and when they want it. You help in simplifying their buying decision. And as a result, your conversion rates (and revenue) will increase.

What Does Marketing Automation Entail?

Marketing automation is essentially a category of software that automates, streamlines and measures workflows. The goal is to make you a better marketer, and it does so by carrying out marketing activities, with the use of technology.

Marketing automation stats

Your marketing automation software can help you streamline the following marketing tasks:

  • Analytics and ROI Tracking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Campaign Segmentation
  • Content Curation and Content Management
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Lead Generation, Analysis, and Management
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Website Visitor Tracking

This will enable you to save time and money. And also have added benefits like:

high conversion rates

High Conversion Rates

Through automation, marketing initiatives are presented to the right prospects. The inquiries come from potential buyers, and this increases the possibility of closing a sale.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Marketing automation frees your employees from repetitive tasks, and lets them focus on creating effective strategies instead.

Better Task Workflow

Better Task Workflow

Marketing automation helps sort out transactions, systemise activities, create proper scheduling, as well as enable workplace collaboration to achieve a common goal.



Automation tools can help personalise your content for the prospects, and deliver the right solution at the right time.

Consistency of Efforts

Consistency of Efforts

Automated workflows help you maintain consistency in your approach towards a prospect. A welcome email, social media posts all these make your job easy.

Value to CRM

Value to CRM

Marketing automation integrated with a CRM can help you achieve more out of your marketing efforts, letting you view both marketing and sales activities of your contacts all in one place.

How Marketing Automation Works

A proper implementation of the marketing automation software has the power to  increase leads by 451% (Source: HubSpot) and boost your sales by 34% (Source: Salesforce).

But about 85% of B2B marketers (Source: Sirius Decisions) admit to not using it correctly. Do you have it, and are you using Marketing Automation the right way that gives you real returns?

Grow Digitally can help your business identify ways to optimise your resources, and choose the right automation tools as per your business needs. Here are a set of steps to follow that can help you use marketing automation effectively:

1. Identifying your Needs

Grow Digitally helps you frame your marketing goals and implementation plan with the help of an inbound growth marketing strategy. Now what are the aspects in its implementation that need to be automated? Surveys, data analysis, blog post scheduling, account based marketing, demand and lead generation, social media these are some of the examples. Grow Digitally can help you zero in on what needs to be automated based on your marketing goals.

2. Building Targeted Lists

Next up, who is your target audience/accounts/leads? What are their roles, persona, age, location, lifestyle, personality, values and attitudes? How loyal are they to their brands, or what is their price responsiveness? And how do they respond and use a product or services? Where are they in their buying journey?

Understanding the behaviour of your existing or aspirational audience will help you identify who to target, what marketing automation tools to use and how to optimise your marketing automation tool, if it is the right one.

3. Zeroing on the Tools to Use

You know your goals, and your target list, the next step involves identifying the right tools. And this can be done by mapping your marketing goals to the automation tools available in the market. Grow Digitally can help in choosing, implementing and optimisation of your marketing technology stack with the use of right tools.

  • Which are the best tools suitable as per your marketing needs?
  • Do you need a single tool, or a combination?

Which is the trade-off for you on the basis of their pricing, vendor size, suitability and performance?

4. Executing your Campaigns

Marketing automation is all about engagement and nurturing. And Grow Digitally enables you to execute your campaigns better with personalised marketing, targeted emails, and streamlining the automation process based on your target market behaviours. It ensures:

  • A relevant and sound strategy for campaign execution
  • Collaboration between different stakeholder levels as to what has to be implemented, and by whom
  • Policies and guidelines to follow with respect to the organisational goals
  • Commitment to the process

5. Monitoring your progress

Is the automation yielding you results? What is the progress of your digital marketing strategies, and how have you fared? Grow Digitally helps you measure all this, with the help of the data analytics tools in marketing automation. And you have an idea of what to improve, where to make changes, and how to make your next move towards growth.

6. Retaining and Building Better Customer Relationships

Another important aspect of this process is building lasting relationships with your customers. The automation software is used keeping in mind how to deliver the right messages to your customers at the right time, and Grow Digitally will help you ensure exactly that.

Tools Used

Here are some of the tools we use for Marketing Automation. This is not an exhaustive list and we work with more tools as per the requirements of clients.

HubSpot Full-service marketing automation, marketing, sales and customer service hub
Drift Engaging and converting visitors into leads, effective in providing hands off customer service with its conversational engine


Can marketing automation fail?

Yes, particularly when marketers do not follow appropriate strategies.

A notion often followed is that of buying lists of generic contacts to nurture with marketing automation. This spammy tactic produces incredibly low ROI. It costs you to buy the lists, creates low engagement, and also hurts your IP address reputation, thus lowering your email deliverability rates.

Effective targeting, understanding and researching your target accounts and leads and tailoring your message to what they are interested in first is critical for engagement and marketing automation success. Using automation for contacts and leads within  target accounts who have shown interest is important for the success of your marketing automation initiative.

How do I know if I need marketing automation? Where will I use marketing automation?

  • Are you publishing good content, generating a flow of new leads, and are ready to scale up with less manual efforts?
  • Do you  want to engage your contacts in target accounts, or inbound leads and nurture them to convert them?
  • Do you want to implement a process to qualify your leads and contacts further in your funnel?
  • Have  you acquired clients and you would like to continue to engage them for retention with less manual efforts?
  • Do you want to ‘expand’ in an account through cross and up-sell campaigns to help increase revenue?

Above are some of the scenarios where you should leverage marketing automation.

A few questions to ask yourself to identify your marketing automation readiness are:

  • Are your marketing and sales team aligned as to what is their role, and what conversations they will handle?
  • Do you have a content strategy mapped to your buyer’s journey?
  • Do you have a proven lead nurturing strategy that you want to scale?

If yes, these are signs that marketing automation could work for your business. If answer to any of the questions is a ‘no’ then Grow Digitally  can help you to get ready for it so you can be successful in your goals.

What does “bad” or “good” marketing automation look like?

  • “Bad” marketing automation: When your automation strategies are based only on limited data like email clicks to execute a personalised lead nurturing strategy. One needs context about who the leads are and what they’re interested in to give them a good experience.
  • “Good” marketing automation: Marketing automation backed by an inbound marketing or account based marketing strategy is centred around the contact and his behaviour or needs. Data from multiple channels like social media, content downloaded, sites visited, email clicks etc are used. This helps build a personalised solution that addresses his pain points, to be delivered at the right time.

What will be the best marketing automation solution for my business?

While choosing a marketing automation solution, it’s best to not focus on the individual features but on the business results and the long term partnership.

Grow Digitally can partner with you to get you the best combination of tools for your business needs, implement them as well as optionally strategise and run your campaigns.

Marketing Automation with Grow Digitally

Let’s discuss how marketing automation can help you automate the repetitive, mechanical aspects of your conversion funnel, focus on the creative and the strategic aspects, and grow better.

  • Identify your marketing automation readiness
  • Understand your conversion funnel
  • Identify the repetitive tasks
  • Assess if  your current tools are achieving the objectives for you.