Making Marketing the Growth Hero

New-age marketing is a mix of strategy and technology, both of which evolve at a rapid pace. There’s a new growth hack almost every day, and the list of martech tools and tactics you can use are virtually endless. But is it all necessary for your specific business goals? If not, how do you choose the right mix of strategy and technology to generate and nurture and close more leads consistently? How do you build a pipeline that will help grow your organisation? How do you leverage Account Based and Inbound marketing to deliver the growth your CEO has envisioned? Do you hear from your sales peers that leads generated by marketing aren't good, and marketing does not help enough during a sales process or account expansion process?

Allow us to help.

Helping marketing teams become the growth hero

Focussed, Data Driven, High-Impact Marketing

At Grow Digitally, our aim is to help you develop and execute marketing strategies that are data driven, laser-focussed at bringing you the results you want. We are about helping you clearly showcase your concrete contribution to the revenue and ROI of marketing.

Sustainable Leads Pipeline

Align all your lead generation elements and campaigns to work in tandem, and build a continuous lead generation model. Grow Digitally helps you create websites, lead generation funnels, conversational marketing bots and more, to attract the right leads.

Marketing Automation

Focus on building impactful marketing strategies, while you automate the critical but repetitive tasks like email workflows, analytics and more. Use powerful automation platforms that allow you to quickly execute campaign ideas, whether it a new pop-up form or promoting downloads for the latest ebook.

Enable Sales Team

Gain actionable insight to help nurture prospective clients through your marketing funnel and collaborate with your sales peers to close them. Become a true partner to your sales team that they are looking for.

Programs for Marketing Teams

Account Based Marketing

Inbound Growth Marketing

Conversational Marketing

Growth Driven Websites

Marketing Automation

Account Based Marketing

Turbo charge your growth with the power of targeted and personalised account based marketing.


Concentrates sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts while we help you create custom strategies to attract, engage and convert key personas in each account. We also help leverage the right mix of tools and platforms to streamline and optimise the sales cycle.

Inbound Growth Marketing

inbound growth marketing

Take your marketing to the next level with our Inbound Growth Marketing program. At Grow Digitally, we use an agile process to release growth marketing program in cycles, called the BullsEye Growth Delivery process. Through this process, you have the flexibility to implement, measure and iterate the agile growth program on an ongoing basis; responding to audience insights and honing in on the best-performing channels.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing

Engage, qualify and nurture leads on your site with intelligent chatbots. Personalise conversations based on users'needs and context, recommend the right content and services till they are qualified as warm leads to be taken over by the sales team. We help you leverage the right tools, and build out engaging conversational workflows for effective customer interactions.

Growth Driven Websites

Redesign your websites by leveraging user data, to drive optimal growth results and continuous improvement. Grow Digitally's growth-driven design approach to websites is built on-top of the SCRUM agile process and weaves together various concepts into a comprehensive and highly effective web design methodology.

phase-graphics-1-2 (1)

What you get is a website design that's focussed on conversions, and evolves with the needs of your users.

Marketing Automation

Get freedom from essential but repetitive follow up and lead nurturing processes.

marketing automation

We help you put together the right mix of marketing automation tools that can streamline and seamlessly run diverse workflows lead generation, nurturing, result tracking, customer interactions and more. And you get to focus on actually crafting your growth strategy, rather than getting caught up in mundane execution tasks.

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