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We help technology & B2B companies to grow faster, get more leads and clients, so you can focus on delighting them and not on finding them!


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Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Get the marketing and sales operations off your plate, and focus on the strategic goals for your business. Let us take care of the sales funnel as we aid your teams in attracting more prospects, nurturing leads, and converting them into new clients that grow your business.

Marketing Teams

Let's focus on how marketing can directly drive revenuesbuild and grow a sustainable leads pipeline and work with the sales teams to effectively convert and close more deals. We help you develop and implement actionable growth marketing strategies that bring results.

Sales Teams

Accelerated growth happens when sales and marketing align. We work in tandem with the sales team to understand exactly the kind of SQLs they want. We create marketing campaigns to help expand into existing accounts or gain targeted new accounts.

Problems We Solve

Lead & Demand Generation

Looking to develop and execute growth marketing strategies that ensure consistent lead generation and predictable revenue growth? Revamp your digital presence and create effective lead generation and conversion channels.

Pipeline Generation & Velocity Acceleration

With focussed marketing campaigns, we help build a leads pipeline with qualified, ideal target accounts. Streamline your sales cycle and increase pipeline velocity with strategic enhancements to your sales and marketing processes.

Account Expansion

We can help you think through ideas and campaigns on how to leverage existing accounts to generate more business and revenues. Set up highly aligned sales and marketing teams that work to make significant inroads into high value accounts.

Enhance Sales Productivity

Get your sales teams focussed on closing high value deals and give them freedom from repetitive and time-consuming tasks. We work to streamline and optimise your sales processes, and align sales and marketing to achieve growth objectives.

Martech Stack & Digital Transformation

Set up efficient and automated processes, as we help you choose and optimise the right mix of marketing technologies, CRM and client support systems.

Identifying In-Market Clients

Drive higher conversions as we set up close tracking of client activity on any of your digital channels and ensure the right nudge at the right time. We can help you leverage customer intelligence effectively to reduce churn and ensure customer success.

Take Their Word For It

“The technology, software/SaaS and B2B industries are so fast moving, having a partner like Grow Digitally who are super responsive and have deep understanding of those industry domains, challenges and opportunities is critical. Grow Digitally is an expert marketing and mar-tech partner in ANZ for Tech and B2B companies to help them achieve growth via driving demand/pipeline generation. They are a valued HubSpot partner in ANZ.”

Tom Watson
Channel Account Manager - ANZ, HubSpot

“Tejas is one of the pioneers in setting methodologies for CRM and related sales and marketing businesses processes. His and his team’s strengths are core consulting skills, excellent client interaction capabilities, and a great business acumen!”

Kausihik Ved
Program Manager, Apple (formerly at Nexgenix)

“Tejas and his team have provided us with valuable insights and information to help us drive traffic to our websites and to keep our consumers engaged with our brand. His advice has been easy to follow and implement and he has been very patient with our own efforts to learn and put the advice in action!”

Caitlin Bancroft
Marketing Manager - Innovation, Blackmores (formerly at Integria Health)

“Engaging, creative, attention to detail, result-oriented, thinks out-of-the-box... need I say more? Tejas and team always put 100% into what they do. I have worked closely with Tejas and team on five different marketing projects and very impressed with the work. It is fair to say that without their help, these projects would not have been nearly as successful.”

Anand Subramaniam
Managing Director, Consult 101 PTY Ltd

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