Making Sales Teams Great Again

Sales is no longer about picking up where marketing left off. Inbound sales and an account based approach to marketing and sales is all about closely aligning with the marketing team, and jointly delivering on the business goals. So there have to be processes that help you collaborate with marketing, have visibility into the potential client pipeline they are building, and strategic planning on how best to engage and convert all the warm leads.

And Grow Digitally is here to help sales teams do all that and more.

Helping Sales Teams achieve revenue goals

Empowered Sales, Improved Revenues

Grow Digitally brings in program offerings designed to give sales professionals more time to focus on what they do best sealing the deal. While you plan on how best to close and convert an account, we can take care of all the repetitive processes and tasks that take up your time. With the right mix of sales tools and automation workflows, we enable sales teams to get out there and get more results.

Connect with the right leads

Connect and engage warm leads, with the highest possibility for conversion. With the right tools and platforms, you can view every interaction point for each lead, know where they are in their buyers’ journey, and plan the best path to conversion.

Grow your pipeline

With regular consolidated reports, you have a complete picture of your sales pipeline engagement in each account, predicted time to conversion and other metrics customised according to your KPIs. Have sales intelligence at your fingertips, to engage with the right accounts, at the right time, with the right messaging.

Optimise sales operations

Improve the efficiency of your sales processes by streamlining and automating repetitive tasks. Follow up emails, reporting, lead scoring and more can be taken care of as we set up the sales and marketing platforms. Hand over initial lead conversation and queries to chatbots, as you focus on users further along the buyers’ journey.

Programs for Sales Teams

Conversational Marketing

Sales Enablement

Marketing Automation

Account Based Marketing

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing

Engage, qualify and nurture leads on your site with intelligent chatbots. Personalize conversations based on users'needs and context, recommend the right content and services till they are qualified as warm leads to be taken over by the sales team.

Sales Enablement

Empower you sales teams to sell efficiently, effectively and at a higher velocity. Get the right mix of technology, processes and content to improve sales productivity and drive revenues.

Sales Enablement

We leverage tools and platforms like HubSpot and Drift , help with content creation and curation for sales pitches, and set up custom reporting dashboards to help sales teams become highly productive.

Marketing Automation

Get freedom from essential but repetitive follow up and lead nurturing processes.

marketing automation

We help you put together the right mix of marketing automation tools that can streamline and seamless run diverse workflows - lead generation, nurturing, result tracking, customer interactions and more. And you can concentrate on actually closing leads and driving revenue.

Account Based Marketing

Turbo charge your sales with the power of targeted and personalised account based marketing.


Concentrates sales resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts while we help you create custom strategies to attract, engage and convert key personas in each account. We also help leverage the right mix of tools and platforms to streamline and optimise the sales cycle.

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